Assassin is a type of soldier who works for Cain and his organization.

Description Edit

Assassins are black humanoids with the appearance of the shadow armor power up from the Megaman X series. They are common soldiers who work for Cain. They can use swords and shoot lasers. They admire Cain and refuse to tell information to their enemies.

Story Edit

Episode 1 Edit

In the first episode some of them kidnap Amy and defeat Shadow, which tried to stop them. Later on Shadow reaches Sonic and informs him about Amy being kidnapped. They both start searching for Amy, only to come face to face with an Assassin who stops them from proceeding. Sonic tries to attack the Assassin with a Spindash, but he dodges. After this the Assassin slashes Sonic three times with his sword, defeating the hedgeogh. Shadow tries to attack the Assassin by running towards him, but is defeated by a laser beam from him. The Assassin, having won the battle, goes away and leaves Sonic and Shadow injuried on the ground.