Cain's organization is the main villain group in the series, as it's name implies it is leaded by Cain.

Description Edit

Their goal is to use the Mysterious Sword and the Stone of Chaos to open the Gate of Destruction. The organization has a chain of command featuring Cain himself as the leader, Bass and Aeon as commanders, their mentioned superiors and different kinds of soldiers. Megaman X and Zero left the organization when it started to commit evil actions. When the story begins, from Episode 1 onward, they fight and manipulate Sonic and his friends in order to steal the Stone of Chaos and the Mysterious Sword.

Members Edit

Leader Edit

  • Cain

Important members Edit

  • Bass
  • Aeon
  • Scientist
  • Link
  • Superiors of Bass and Aeon

Soldiers Edit

  • Giant Mecha Sonic
  • Assassin
  • Various robots

Former members Edit

  • Megaman X
  • Zero

Possible members Edit

  • Storm Eagle