Ffsx1 title

The first installment to the FFSX series.

Uploaded: Oct 13, 2004

Plays: 1,290,100

Rating: 4.1

Characters Edit

  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Amy Rose
  • Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Knuckles the Echidna
  • Miles 'Tails' Prower
  • Assassin
  • X
  • Zero

Plot Edit

Sonic wakes up to Amy calling his name, saying Knuckles wants to see him. After that, they both leave. Sonic runs into Shadow before he reaches Knuckles and they fight. After the fight, Sonic finds Knuckles and Tails. Tails shows the two a mysterious sword he found and gives it to Sonic. After this, Shadow runs in and exclaims that someone kidnapped Amy. Sonic and Shadow leave to see what happened and run across an Assassin. They both lose and Sonic wakes up right by X and Zero in Elysium. They had healed Sonic and Shadow and told him that Cain is after Sonic because Sonic has the sword. X then explains that they need to pass through Hyrule to get to Cain. In the end, Sonic looks into the sky at night thinking about Amy while the other three are asleep by him.

Battles Edit

Credits Edit

Storywriter: BlackDevilX

Animator: BlackDevilX

Sounds: Sonicwarrior92 and BlackDevilX

Actionscripting help: BillBob 380, Imageball, and Xanadu32

Sprites by: Sega, Capcom, and SquareEnix

Beta-Testers: Katocanarts, BillBob 380, Sonicwarrior 92