Giant Mecha Sonic is a type of robot that works for Cain's organization.

Description Edit

Giant Mecha Sonics are huge blue robots similiar to Sonic. They are soldiers created by the Scientist to serve master Cain and destroy his enemies. They can fly by taking the shape of a ball, launch rockets and shoot laser beams out of their visors. They are so powerful that a single one of them almost defeated Sonic, Shadow and Zero on it's own.


Story Edit

Episode 1 Edit

In the prologue option Soma Cruz steals the Mysterious Sword from Cain's base. Two Giant Mecha Sonics try to stop the thief but are destroyed by him. During the intro of the episode a third one catches up with Soma and defeats him by shooting a laser beam, but fails to retrieve the sword due to the human having sent it away earlier.

Episode 2 Edit

In the intro to the episode a Gaint Mecha Sonic is chasing down Link and Zephiroth, two spies of the Resistence fleeing towards Hyrule. Later Zephiroth enters the kingdom and meets Sonic, Shadow and Zero in the Lost Woods and talks to them, before being blasted away by a rocket from the roobt.. After this the robot starts a fight with Sonic, Shadow, and Zero. During their turns the heroes barely damage the robot, while during it's turn it nearly defeats the trio with a powerful laser. When it becomes their turn again the trio has 5 seconds to use their Overdrive, a powerful team attack that destroys the robot. After their victory the Scientist teleports in front of them, commenting on how they destroyed his creation and promises to fight Sonic in the future, before teleporting away with the broken Giant Mecha Sonic.

Episode 6 Edit

One of them appears during the intro of the episode, being attacked and destroyed by Sonic in a super state.