Scientist, as his name implies, is a scientist who works for Cain and his organization.

Description Edit

Scientist has the appearance of Gate from the Megaman X series, probably being said character. He is part of Cain's organization. He can teleport, fly and is the one who created the Giant Mecha Sonics, to serve his master as robot soldiers.

Story Edit

Episode 2 Edit

He teleports in the Lost Woods in front of Sonic, Shadow and Zero right after they destroy a Giant Mecha Sonic and notes that they are the ones who are meddling with Cain's plans, and also the ones who destroyed his creation. Sonic boasts saying that he and his friends defeated the robot with ease, but the Scientist taunts him by saying that he knows the trio is exhausted by the battle. After this he promises he will fight Sonic in the future, when the blue hedgehog will be stronger. In the end he salutes the trio and teleports away with the remains of his destroyed machine.

Episode 3 Edit

In the intro of the episode he follows Sonic and his group from afar.